Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Craft Wars Party

When I was on vacation and I read about a party at vintage revivals and girls with good taste I signed up a friend and I to go. I was so happy I'd have something to look forward to after our vacation was over. We don't have cable t.v. and so I can't watch the new craft wars on tlc so it was fun to see what happened on Mandy's episode,
it was sooo sad that she didn't make it to the end.
The three women of the hour, Bridget from Bridgey Widgey, (she was the best hostess), Mandy, and Jilly. It was so fun to meet Mandy in person.
She was so friendly and warm and taller than I expected.
One of the girls made this amazing cake. The food was delicious.We all piled into the basement family room to watch the show.
We visited outside after the show and giveaways.
I got super duper lucky and won a purdy paint brush, can't wait to paint something with it.
To cap off a fun night there was a beautiful sunset, goodie bags,
and of course a cupcake!

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