Friday, June 1, 2012

A Birthday of Barfing

I have a video tape of miss "C" saying that she wants to stay six and not get any older, well despite her wish she turned seven today. She actually counted down the days to her birthday which also happened to be the last day of school,
so it was one big day of celebration.
She wanted to have her birthday party at a little indoor playland.
It was great fun...until she went on a little roller coaster.
Afterwards she came up to me and told me she didn't feel good. I thought it would pass, but about ten minutes later she tossed her cookies. Then she threw up again and again and again. It was pretty awful. While she was throwing up her friends were having fun. She was so weak that when it was time to have cake and open presents she couldn't even sit up.

She designated "A" to open her presents for her and show them to her.
She obviously couldn't eat any cake. I don't think there will be any more roller coaster riding for miss "C" in the near future or maybe ever. Her stomach can't handle it.
Recently miss "C" told me that she can't wait until she's a mommy so she can buy all the junk food she wants. She is always cutting candy pictures out of ads and keeping them for reference. She wants to work at a candy store when she grows up.
She is at such a cute age. She gets excited about the smallest things.
She also cries at the smallest things. Sigh.

She is a spunky little girl.
She loves to collect things: Paper, Rocks, Toys, Anything.
Then she likes to create things out of the stuff she collects.
She likes to be silly and entertain others.
She's my favorite seven year old!!!

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