Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gifts to Love

I thought I'd share some of our favorite gifts from this years Christmas.
I got the "husbird" this journal. It's a cute little thing.
It asks one question each day for five years. Love it!

After I saw this video of Kiki and Coco in Paris I wanted to get my girls a similar doll, so I looked and looked on Etsy,
but the the most inexpensive dolls I could find were around sixty for one doll:(
When I got the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail I was so excited when I saw these
adorable dolls.
On black Friday PB Kids had all their dolls 20% off.
I had an additional 10% off coupon.

Aren't they darling?
My girls love them and I told them I'd make a little video of them with their dolls sometime.

Mister "T" got these blocks that are all uniform in size.
You can build all kinds of cool things with them.
I got them at Lake Shore Learning.

Miss "A" has been busy making jewelry with this Shrink Art Jewelry Kit from Klutz.

The whole family has had fun watching the little cars go around this track and making different tracks, even though it's little "D's" gift.
Any little or big boy would love to have an iplay build a road.

Since I didn't get this posted before the holidays I hope it will help for next year
or an upcoming birthday:)

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