Monday, October 17, 2011

Entering a New Era...

of busyness.
Since the "nestlings" are getting older I find that I am in the car a lot, too much, and
I know it's only going to get worse. Three of the "nestlings" are in different activities from piano lessons, art lessons, scouts, and dance.
I crave nights where I don't have to go anywhere and everyone is home.
They are rare these days.
I miss the long days at home when the "nestlings" were younger.
The crazy thing is, I always felt like I had to be doing something when my first two were young. I was always on the go instead of just enjoying them as much as I should have.
I should have stayed home more and done less when I could,
now I don't have a choice and I'm doing it all with a baby in tow.
Some days baby "G" cries the saddest cries when I have to strap him up in his car seat once again and put him in the car, breaks my heart. Poor thing. I want to cry too.
My house looks like a bomb went off in it since I rarely have time to clean it.
Down time is hard to come by.
Don't get me wrong I know everyone is busy.
I remember thinking I was as busy as I could get when I only had one baby.
I'm not having a pity party, I'm just trying to figure out how to balance life
with older and younger children together and still get the laundry done,
forget the house looking decent.
Anyone with me?
If I had a picture of what being busy looked like I'd post that, but I think a picture of my messy house would scare you away if my complaining hasn't already.
Since I hate to post without a picture, here's a picture of the cute face that reminds me to slow down, if only I could:)
Most days leave my head spinning.
Moms with older children please give me some advice on how to stay sane without eating massive amounts of chocolate!?


  1. This is a struggle I am convinced all moms with engaged children go through. I find myself absolutely giddy when a baseball game is cancelled due to rain! My best advice is to make sure you have some time to just yourself every day. Read your scriptures, pin a little, surf a few blogs. Something just for YOU. We can't take care of our littles if we don't take care of ourselves. Also, really evaluate what you have your kids involved in. Cut out any non-essentials. We think everything is essential, but it's not. Last thing - have your kids help with the house. Saves my bacon every single week!

  2. Oh my goodness Emily...I hear you loud and clear! We really should be neighbors. :) I feel the exact same way. I am slowly...very slowly trying to figure out a balance. I found that if I can get some chores done after the kids are in bed that I feel much better about the house. And days that the kids are home after school I put a post it note on their bedroom doors with small chores to do that take a lot of the pressure of me but are easy for them to do. Laundry is a tough one but I try to designate a day for boys laundry,girls laundry. towels and sheets and our laundry...but it's tough and Mount St. Helens forms quite often. ;) I think the thing that helps the most is hearing that other people are going through the same thing it makes me feel better! Please let me know if you find anything that helps you! Sorry so long!


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