Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Picture Outfits

Do you ever wonder what people wear for their family pictures? I do.
I start sweating even thinking about putting together an ensemble for seven people,
but lately I feel a strong desire to have more family photos, because I want to
to have something to remember what the "nestlings" looked like, what the "husbird" and I looked liked when our children were young, strung out and all.
I feel time is slipping away. The "nestlings" are growing up so fast,
so even though preparing for pictures isn't my favorite thing, I do it anyways.
I find it very challenging to coordinate seven outfits and not look to matchy matchy,
but after going to six different stores and gathering items from all our closets I came up with some outfits for the family pictures we had taken on Saturday.
For those interested here is what we wore.On the bottom the boys all wore jeans except the baby and the girls wore brown leggings.
On the top...
"G" wore a cute one piece denim like outfit.
"D" wore a polo blue button up shirt. In his individual picture he also wore a puffy brown vest, not pictured.
"C" wore a orange and off white sweater.
"A" wore a long orange shirt with a cute faux fur vest over it.
"T" wore a blue button down shirt with a patterned v-neck sweater over it.
"B" wore a brown v-neck sweater.
I wore a long sleeve brown shirt with a ruffly collared long orange tank over it and
of course a cute blue and orange necklace, not pictured.

I made some flower headbands for the girl's hair and then clipped the flowers to brown knit hats for their individual pictures.

I'm going to use the family picture for our Christmas cards this year,
but here's a little tease, of course of the baby.
Do you have as hard a time as I do getting ready for family family pictures or
does choosing clothes for many people come easy to you?

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