Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MakeShift Nursery

Here's Baby "G's" little nursery spot.
We still need to set up the real crib in here, for now we are using a port-a-crib.
I'm still tweaking it, ever tweaking.
The only thing I bought was the curtains, a couple of pillows, and
the starfish garland (which I don't know will stay)-everything else I already had.
I love to sit in the glider to snuggle and nurse baby "G" to sleep.
One of my dear friends gave me the lamb and lion when I had my first baby,
such a sweet gift representing the joys and hardships of babies.
The shoes were my dad's when he was a baby.
I found the star at a thrift store for a dollar and the skeleton key is used to open the antique wardrobe that was my grandmas
The suitcase was also my grandmas and she just happens to have a name that starts with a "G" as well.
The hourglass is a good reminder to me of how fast time goes by and to enjoy the time I have with my sweet baby.
The little white and blue bench was my grandmas as well.
She used it outside and so the paint is peeling. I love the patina and layers.
I got the amour (love) pillow from saseaboutique on etsy.
She makes the cutest pillows.
Of course the best part of the nursery and the thing I love most about it is the
baby that occupies it:)


  1. Such a cozy and serene little spot for momma and baby. It looks darling. As for your space conundrum, I think it may be time to finish off a room in the basement! :)

  2. So beautiful. Just love how everything has meaning. Makes me wish I could start over top to bottom in my own house! You are doing such a great job of cherishing..


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