Thursday, April 14, 2011

Desperate Housewife

feeling a bit desperate lately...(don't judge unless you've had five kids in ten years)

*desperate for my baby to quit growing

*desperate for more hours in the day...It seems like I can't get enough done in the day and still have time to kiss and cuddle my baby as much as I want to

*desperate for a clean house...I'd rather hold my baby than clean, therefore my house has been going to complete pot one day at a time

*desperate to feel content just being a mom... and not feel like I want to do a million other things to be fulfilled

*desperate for chocolate, that's why I made these brownies last night

*desperate for the "husbird" to be present more... it's not his fault, but if he's not working he's gone to church meetings, baseball with "T," or errands for me... picking up my slack... and being self-employed isn't all it's cracked up to be, that's all I have to say about that. Miss him.
After dinner I kiss him goodbye, then I look at the dishes on the table, in the sink, and on the stove and think about the
work of picking up the house,
getting two kids to shower themselves, showering two myself, and bathing one
making sure everyone's teeth gets brushed, including my own,
family scripture reading,
tucking in and then tucking in again, oh, and again,
ironing clothes
all while keeping the baby happy
changing the baby, nursing the baby, putting the baby to sleep,
and after thinking about all that...

I want to go hide in a corner and not come out.

How do single parents do it?

I know lots of women do this every day, many with more children than five.
I can do it, right?

After each baby I've had, I've wished the world would stop, just for a short while,
but it doesn't.

I'll eventually get my groove on.
It will just take some time.
baby steps here,
Baby steps.

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  1. yes yes yes 1 day at a are doing well and wonderful, the world can go nuts, but you are doing and surviving.


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