Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family & Lady in Waiting

...and waiting and waiting.
Have you seen the little baby widget on my sidebar, the one that says one day left or
39 weeks, 6 days?
Yes, that one.
I'm so hoping this baby doesn't decide to arrive ten days late like my last baby.
While waiting...
I finally figured out how to keep up with laundry.
Do you want to know my secret?
This is big, are you ready?
I do one load of laundry a day.. wash it, dry it, and put it away.
It's only taken me about thirteen years to figure this out.
I used to just wash and dry it and rarely put it away so
I ended up with a huge pile of clean clothes, all the time.
When the baby is born and if and when I go on a vacation all bets are off.
While waiting...
mister "T" has learned (by the "husbird") how to make any kind of egg, all by himself.
Last night he asked if he could make his brother, sisters, and grandma breakfast when I'm at the hospital.
He made me a delicious omelet this morning.
My boy is growing up.
I think it's time to teach him how to make other things, this could change my life.
While waiting...
little "D" has to say every family prayer, meal or otherwise,
even though we rotate turns.
If someone else says it, he has to say one too.
If we don't let him he starts crying and makes all kind of noise while the other person is trying to pray.
I'm not sure what is going on because for the last few days he has thrown awful fits, which is nothing like him.
The twos were so blissful with him, now I'm scared of the threes.
While waiting...
Miss "A" continues to write and draw what she calls "books" and reminds me often that she wants to be an author when she grows up.
She usually entertains herself so well and also likes to read a lot.
Shes is probably the most excited for the baby to arrive.
She is going to be my big helper.
While waiting...
"C" has been playing with her brother's cars.
I told her not to put any toys on a newly refinished piece of furniture and so next thing I know this is what I see.
She took the time to cut out little papers and put a car on what she called a "bed."
Technically the cars weren't on the table, but on papers:)
While waiting...
the "husbird" has been importing 75 mini DV video tapes onto a very large hard drive. It's been fun seeing old clips of video here and there.
He's only finished about 7 tapes so far, but
it's going to be amazing when he is done, because all of our videos will be in one place and we'll be able to find all our video footage very easily,
by event, people in it, or date.
While waiting...
The baby is growing and growing.
I have a feeling he is going to be large.
As usual he'll come when he is ready, not when I am and I'm alright with that.


  1. You are in the dearest space of time right now. I remember waiting and waiting for Anna and despite my belly, I thought it was never going to happen. Scott gave me a blessing and assured me it would happen and that "She was really excited to come." Sometimes I'll look at her and remember there was a time not too long ago when she was looking forward to being a part of our family. I'll bet your little boy is just saying his goodbyes and really excited too. He's so lucky to be a Rubalcava. I'm really happy for you. What is it that I can do to help you wait?

  2. Hang in there..this waiting game is hard. Hopefully he will decide to comer earlier than later! Love the paper under the cars..precious!

  3. ilove this post..i love the cars....they are awesome, i can't believe she put alittle paper on the bottom of each a girl!


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