Thursday, March 3, 2011

Due Date

Our baby boy must not be done baking because he still hasn't arrived.
I am certain you don't want to see one more pregnant photo of me, but for posterity's sake I have to show what I looked like at 40 weeks pregnant, the day I'm due.
The "husbird" frequently asks me if I'm alright. Today when he asked me if I was alright I said,"I'm forty weeks pregnant. Do you think I'm alright?"
I think he is sick of my pregnant self at this point, heck I'm sick of my pregnant self.
I'm desperate for something to wear that I haven't worn a million times before, that I even took the time to sew a button on this shirt so I could wear something different.
I'm considering having a bonfire with all my maternity clothes.
For a few minutes today God washed the earth clean.
I like to think it is so he can send a beautiful clean spirit into the world very soon.

After dropping "A" off at dance class he sent me a gift in the form of a faint rainbow peeking through the clouds giving me hope for what lies at the end of it,
something a pot of gold can't buy.


  1. Gosh girl, you look so good for being at 40 weeks! You totally don't look that far along. Cute clothes, too.

    Hope that baby comes soon!!

  2. YOu look radiant and very beautiful. (Not what you want to hear, I'm sure, but still, true.) The end is so hard. Just remember, the beginning with a new one is also hard. Patience friend, patience. :)

  3. You do look beautiful. Go ahead--get the bonfire ready. It's going to happen any moment.

  4. yeah! this baby is going to be here pretty soon!

  5. You look great! Crossing fingers that he comes VERY soon...he is just to comfortable in that cozy nest of yours. Have you tried anything to get things moving?


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