Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homemade Laundry Pedestal

When I saw the laundry pedestals on Show and Tell and Stories of a House
I felt like the lady on Napoleon Dynamite.

Since I'm not as talented as Sausha from Show and Tell who just made hers herself,
I showed the "husbird" and I told him I wanted a laundry pedestal,
granted I have never known him to build anything, ever, so I knew this would be a stretch. He's not what I would call a handyman. He'd rather call someone to fix things around the house, but after about a month of planning and buying tools and wood and a month of cutting and putting together
I have my 5 foot 10 inch self a bonafide laundry pedestal.

I spent the weekend priming and painting it and now it is in place and I love it!
I love not having to bend over to get the laundry where I need it to be,
especially in my very pregnant state.

This is a big deal for the "husbird" and an incredibly sweet gesture for me.
Now laundry almost seems like fun, with the key word being almost.


  1. Ok, I am *swooning* over this. I so want one! Not only it is useful, it is so darn pretty! One question... how did you get the big heavy machines up on top of the stand?? :)

  2. I want one so badly..but like yours my husband rarely picks up a tool..he would rather call someone to do it...I call my dad! :) It looks great!

  3. This is brilliant! And much cheaper than the ones they sell with the machines. Wish I had seen this about 2 years ago when we bought ours. Great thinking!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  4. Oh, you've made THE project that I want done at my house! It turned out so perfect! Great skills. :) Thanks for sharing!


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