Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hoilday Festivities

One of our neighbors has a children's pajama Christmas party every year complete with hot chocolate, cookies, and candy.
This was the spread on the island, talk about sugar high.
Mmm Mmm Good!
I guess it has become sort of a tradition that I host our family Christmas party each year sometime in the month of December. It's a lot of work, but great to have everyone together. If it hadn't been for the party this year and company coming right after Christmas I may not have pulled out one Christmas decoration this year. It could have something to do with the fact that I'm in my last trimester of pregnancy and have no energy for decorating.
My family teases me about caging things, since I caged a pumpkin for the fall holidays and now I'm supposeably caging a mini Christmas tree.
My mom gave the boys matching fleece hats, so cute!
Miss "A" taped little pieces of paper with our names on them to each stocking just so we don't forget whose is whose, and of course so Santa knows too.We took the "nestlings" to see Tangled in 3D.
We actually had some good times this month amongst all the shopping, planning, and Christmas preparations.

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