Sunday, November 14, 2010

A very special age

Miss "A" turned eight years old.
Here she is on her actual birthday.
Her birthday is the easiest for me to remember since it's on 11/11.
Here are a few snapshots of her birthday party held a few days later.
We had a tea party (with pink lemonade of course).
I made yummy finger food and all the girls got a glittery foam tiara.

After eating the girls played follow the hostess and freeze (in a fancy pose) dance.

A few things about my sweet girl:
In the last few months she has developed a love for reading on her own and
loves to read the scriptures on her own nightly.
She also loves Fancy Nancy books.
She's always up for a shopping trip to anywhere.
She's excited to get baptized in a few weeks.

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  1. oh my, girls'birthays....soooo many possibilities! She looks all grown up!


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