Friday, October 1, 2010


The "husbird" hung up sheers for me this Summer.
I hesitated for years to put holes in the beautiful wood molding, but I finally decided
I wanted the softness some fabric would add to our master nestroom.

I love how the sheers add a romantic feel to the room and how they twirl and dance around when the window is open and there is a breeze.
There is a big triangle of wall space above the windows that needs something.
I was thinking about putting a long vinyl saying or scripture across the top of the molding, but what saying?
I need one about love, but not cheesy.
Any suggestions?


  1. One of my favorite quotes I have framed is "I have long felt that the greatest factor in a happy marriage is an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one's companion" - Pres Hinckley

    From Loyalty, Ensign, May 2003, pg. 58 (that is what is at the bottom of the frame - I actually got it at my wedding).

  2. ohhh my those look sooo nice, I can just picture them with the wind....ohhh soo romantic.

    Yeah, those signs painted on the walls seems to be very popular lately....I've seen it everywhere.....good luck, pick something that means something to both of you...that would be good...


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