Thursday, May 27, 2010

He'll put a spell on you

Just in case you need to preform some spells in the future,
here's an email I got from my nine year old "T" this week, (misspelled words and all).

Body of the email read:

Here are all the spells I know

Expeliomose- is a fore on an object
Impirio-makes he or she obey the cerser
Crusio-tourchers he or she
Reducto-makes the object the spell hits turn to dust
Eronea eggsamay-makes a fore on a object
Avada kadabra-kills almost any living thing
Feravertoe-make an object to into a new thing
Wingardia leviousa-make an object rise into the air
Stupifi-makes any living thing stuned

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End of Email.

It's good to know he's learning something useful from reading all those Harry Potter books.

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