Thursday, March 18, 2010

On a Hunt...

for eggs, Cadbury mini eggs to be exact, or crack bury eggs,
since they are so addicting.
How many stores did it take to find them?

Well, I went on a hunt to Riteaid, Wallys, Target, and finally found them at Walgreens.
Why is it that when you can't find something you want, you want it even more?
My "nestlings" have to have some cadbury eggs for Easter and
I had to have some today.
I also had to go hunting for white fabric to match these curtains so I can make another curtain. You'd think it would be easy to find white cotton fabric to match this, well it wasn't.
How many store did it take to find some?
Notice a pattern?
Am I the only one this happens to or
am I the only one crazy enough to drive to four stores to find something?


  1. crackbury eggs.....what is it about those things?!?! I sent my husband on the hunt for those last week, he came home with three bags, he said he wanted to make sure I had enough...and they were the last three bags at CVS! Easter is still over a week away and those three bags are long gone!

    I will drive to different stores when I'm looking for something in particular, you aren't crazy...well maybe you are, then, so am I ;)

  2. That is gorgeous fabric. I love the lacy detail. Love crackbury eggs too.


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