Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work and Play in a Grand Way

Do you remember the ripples in my carpet from my fix it post?
Well, in order to fix them all the furniture has to be moved off all the carpeted areas of our house in order to be stretched properly. Since all our furniture would be moved the "husbird" and I decided it would be a good time to clean all the carpet too, so we sent the "nestlings" to my mom's house and got to work Friday evening.
On top of moving all the furniture and cleaning all the carpet we decided it would be a good time to seal our granite counter tops and stone floors as well.
What a pain!

It felt like we were moving out.
It was eerie having all the rooms empty
and no kids making noise.
It was really weird.
Here's one of our bathrooms stuffed full.

The "husbird" and I's birthdays are both in March, one week apart, so we decided to get away for the night to celebrate them and to reward ourselves from working our tails off, so we went here.
Our room was kind of grandma-ish, but very nice and clean.
The "husbird" said it was Victorian.
When we checked in Saturday I hadn't done my cardio for the day
so I jumped on the bed, but only for 30 seconds because my nose started to run,
because I'm recovering from a cold.

We went to see Sherlock Holmes in the theater and
then watched the Blind Side in our room.
I want Sandra Bullocks wardrobe, even though I can't wear it all.
What a great show!
I wish someone would do this to my bed every night,
most importantly leave chocolate.

How Heavenly.

Too bad we had to leave, but we had to meet our hero of the day, the carpet fixer guy.
Now to put my house back together,
at least there was 24 hours of play sandwiched in the middle of the work.
The good thing is that there are no more ripples in my carpet
and my house is clean at least for 30 more seconds,
since the "nestlings" just got home.

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  1. Do I get a prize for my guess? Glad you had such a good time and I'm so impressed with all your work on the house! That is HUGE.


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