Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fix it Time

The most expensive piece of furniture I've ever purchased looks like this.
For how much we paid for this Lee sofa I thought for sure it would last for decades.
Not so.
Lesson learned, not to spend so much on a sofa.

This made a huge ruckus when it fell off the wall the other night.
Scared the living day lights out of me.
Leaving two (larger than before) holes in the wall.

How do you know when you need a new duvet cover?
When one small hole grows into one long rip.

Notice a pattern of ripped fabric?
The "nestlings" are really good at making small fixes, big.
If you need any help with that let me know and I'll send them over.

See this kitchen cabinet door.

It looks normal from here, but inside you'll see it's hanging from one hinge,
at least it used to be until the "husbird" duct taped it.
That's one way of fixing it.
(Little "D" attempted to close it over and over again with the shelf pulled out.)

See these ripples in my carpet?
Those have to be fixed (stretched).

I'm starting to feel like I'm walking on water...crossing waves in the ocean.
Our carpet installer did a horrible job.

Now, if Bob the Builder would make an appearance at my nest he could fix
these issues in a jiffy... if only he was real.
Do you ever feel like your house is falling apart one piece at a time?
Really, I have little to complain about, at least I have a house and it's still standing.


  1. You can fix anything with duct tape!

  2. I guess I was fishing for compliments, huh? Thank you for yours! And for you: you capture snippets of everyday life with such honesty and charm. I loved your spelling bee post--oh, no, not fairy dust for dinner again! :)

    Our duvet is on its last leg, too!

  3. That's how my Bob the Builder fixes things in my house too--duct tape and super glue. I remember growing up there was permanent marker on our entertainment center and duct tape on the vinyl couch--but now my mom's house is PERFECT from corner to corner. It's also pretty quiet in there (except for when my girls visit.) Thanks for the post.

  4. The cabinet hinge half that is IN the cabinet can be moved into undamaged, pre-drilled holes. Find a cabinet shop that can re-drill the door for 'European-style hinges' and take it to them. They can move the hinge. Then, when you get it home, align the new hinge spot to the place in the cabinet, and move hinge. There may be a charge for drilling that hole, but it's likely cheaper than a new door.


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