Tuesday, June 23, 2015


it happened again.
This time the "husbird" was driving the van and as he backed out of the church parking lot a cement basketball standard jumped right behind him.  Imagine that.  No, seriously the cement pole is painted white and was in his blind spot.  He hit it hard.  I hoped against all hope that it wasn't that bad. Well, it was bad.  It was completely crunched in two spots.  
IMG_1998 I'm beginning to think our bumper is jinxed.  This is the third collision it's been in in the last year.  First when the "husbird" backed over a stool that was in the driveway last June.  Then I got rear ended a few days before Christmas last year and now this. The bad news is our deductible for our Mexican insurance was 300.  The good news, if there is any, is that labor in Mexico is cheap, so we didn't even use our insurance because it was less than our deductible to just pay to have it fixed.  It was done in a day.  Wish we could tele-transport the "husbird's" car here to fix all the scrapes and dings it has, most of which are on his bumper.  Notice a trend here!?  He doesn't necessarily find it useful to look back before he backs up.  Just saying.  He just about gives me a heart attack every time he backs out of the garage. 

I thought maybe we should just leave it, I mean, Taylor will start drivers ed this coming school year.  Since he's a lot like his dad, I for see more bumper injuries in my vans future.  Poor thing.  Watch me be the next one to back into something.  If that happens there is no question the bumper is jinxed. 

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