Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bedroom Switcheroo

For Thanksgiving break we decided to switch bedrooms around.  We felt like teenage "T" needed his own room, so we moved the guest bed to his room and moved the two twin beds to the guest room and made it Little "D" and Baby "G's" new room.  IMG_1348
I snapped a few photos of T and D's old room before we moved the beds to the other room. 
IMG_1357 I still have a lot of work to finish both the news rooms and photograph them.  It may take me a year, because life with five leaves very little time for decorating. 
IMG_2094 The cats thought the mattresses were a fun resting place.  Silly cats.
The only problem with the bedroom switch is that we no longer have a guest room.  "T" will have to vacate his room when guests come.  Wish me luck cleaning a teenage room to guest standards when that happens. 

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