Saturday, October 5, 2013

Young Men's Choir

My "T" got to sing in the choir at the general conference, priesthood session.  If you don't know what general conference is you can read about it here.
He had to go to numerous practices leading up to the big day. 
Since the priesthood session is for males twelve and older only "T" and the "husbird" got to go. The rest of us stayed home.  
IMG_1932Luckily it was broadcasted on TV, so of course we had to watch it.  It was like a game of "Where's Waldo?" for the kids. They had fun trying to spot "T" in the choir.  Do you see him up there?  Middle left.  Ha ha.
photo copyIn all seriousness, we feel so grateful he got to sing at such a meaningful, spirit filled event.  It was an amazingly, wonderful opportunity. One I hope he doesn't soon forget.

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