Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hyper for Halloween

The "nestlings" have been super excited for Halloween.  Especially these two below.  They make me laugh, the way they love each other one moment and don't want to speak to each other the next.Cassidy and Dallin The "husbird" and I went to an adult only Halloween party last weekend.  We felt pretty ridiculous in our costumes, especially the "husbird"--since he was technically in a dress.  He did have shorts on underneath:) 
Mom and Dad Halloween
We didn't feel so silly when we got there and every body else was dressed up.  There's nothing quite like adult games to bring out your buried inner child.  Fun times.
Mom and Dad Halloween
Here's an attempt at a fox costume for acting/dance class for Miss "C" this week.  The fox craze lives on. Ha ha.
Superman trying to fly with a photo bomber clown in the back ground, aka Alyssa.
Dallin as SupermanAll my crazies:  Steve Jobs, A Clown, A Doctor, Superman, and A Monkey (so fitting really). 
IMG_1318 We survived another Halloween parade, half day of school, and trick or treating night.  Now we just need to survive all the sugar highs from the candy collected.

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