Saturday, August 3, 2013

Green River Lakes

Just got back from two nights of camping in Wyoming.  We camped at the lake where the green river starts and it was magnificent.  No internet or cell service means true relaxing.  It also means pit toilets, dirt, and lots and lot of mosquitoes.  I have about twelve bites to prove it. 
Green River Lake I think it's an unstated rule that you're not suppose to sleep when you go camping. The first night there was a huge thunder and rain storm that of course scared the "nestlings"and kept us all awake most of the night.IMG_1418
After breakfast half of us hiked around the lake while the other half took canoes/kayaks across the lake. Then we met at the other end of the lake, ate lunch, and then switched.  It was a workout either way, one worked your legs, the other worked your arms. It was beautiful and wonderful being in the outdoors, a welcome change of pace from normal life.
 We saw this amazing bald eagle perched at the top of a tree. 
The second night miss "C" woke up from a nightmare where bugs were crawling all over her.  She of course woke up "A" and "D" and proceeded to freak them out with talk of bugs being everywhere.  The "husbird" was a rock star and had enormous patience in calming them down which was quite a feat.  I know I couldn't have exhibited the same amount of tolerance for their fear of invisible bugs after having no sleep the night before.  I'm sure my parents and brother's family thought we were being eaten by a bear the way they were all crying and screaming in unison.  Crazy times in our tent, memories we're sure not to forget. I'm not sure we'll ever do tent camping ever again.  We must buy some sort of  trailer to continue our camping adventures.
Foggy Morning at Green River LakeThe "husbird" and "T" woke up really early and went out on the lake.  There was a layer of mist that covered it.  It made it look so mysterious.DSCN0830Thank goodness for baby backpacks.  We could not live without this thing.
IMG_9577Unfortunately the lake was too cold to swim in, but my brother and the "husbird" took the plunge anyways. They're crazy like that.  IMG_9544 One major bummer of our trip was the "husbird" lost his wedding ring. Probably when he was trying to rescue my brother and nephew in their canoe.  He was pulling a rope to get them out of a sticky situation.  It could be anywhere at the bottom of the river/lake.  It makes me sad, but there is no way we could ever find it.  Fortunately he has a spare.  This isn't the first time he's lost his ring.  He's always found it though, but not this time.  It's gone forever:( 
Despite the lost wedding ring and lack of sleep our trip was great.  It was just good to get away from all of lifes demands if only for a short time.   

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