Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Non-Valentines

We ate soup from a can for dinner.  It was actually delicious with some tortilla chips.  You should try it.
We went to the dollar store after dinner to kill some time while we waited for "T's" court of honor for scouts to startSurprisingly it was quite fun, especially the party isle.  Miss "A" and the "husbird" had fun trying on party hats.  It's a very rare event when the entire family, minus "T", goes into a store all together. Luckily everyone was well behaved, for the most part, and amazingly we got out of there without spending a cent. 
IMG_0478 We went back to the church to see "T" get some much earned merit badges

That pretty much sums up our love day, not much celebrating going on, but a lot of love just the same.

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