Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shin Kicks

Yesterday Baby “G” emptied drawer after drawer of things throughout the "nest" and if he wasn’t emptying a drawer, he was crying. My house was/is a disaster and I didn’t have the motivation to clean it up. At dinner the “nestlings” were really loud, talked over each other, and ignored everything I asked/said. Then the noise level after dinner was deafening.  I thought of a sign that one of my friends has in her house that says, “Welcome to the Zoo.” It would be so fitting for us as well.

I couldn’t get the kids ready for bed fast enough and escape to my own bed to watch “Parenthood.” Except then I cried because of Kristina’s cancer and then again when Max won student body president because it reminded me of “T” winning.  Something I thought wouldn’t happen for him.IMG_7489 Recently I got a call from one of my children’s teachers telling me that my child is not learning the way they should.  The connections in my child's brain are not being made the way they need to for them to learn.  I already suspected this, but it was heartbreaking to have it confirmed.  My child could have some kind of learning disability.  You would never know this by seeing or being with my child. They are bright in so many ways.

Then today, in a very serious and mean way one of my children, that is old enough to know better, told me they were going to kick me in the shin if I didn’t let them do something they wanted to do.  Some days I feel like parenting is kicking me in the shins, so I don’t need anyone else to:(  

Thankfully everyday is not like today.  It just feels there have been too many hard parenting days lately, ughhh.

To make myself feel better I ate some chocolate and bribed little “D” with a candy pumpkin so he would brush my hair:)

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