Monday, October 1, 2012

How I know I’m too busy

My normal life routine is busy, so when extra things come up it turns my life upside down. I know I’m too busy when I start having fears that I’ll forget the baby in the car or I'll run over one of my kids playing outside or when I drive somewhere and I can’t remember how I got there.  Good thing I have a built-in auto pilot. Ha ha. IMG_0013
(what I need to be doing right now)
In a lot of ways I can control how busy our life is, but there are always those variables that come up that can’t be controlled like the days spirit week happens to fall on and since “T” is student body president he has to come up with a skit with other students and have practices at our house numerous times. I also can’t control when company comes to visit or when our freezer and oven decide to break, at the same time, ughhh :(   Some of these things enrich our lives, but make it much more hectic when they all hit at once, which is what has happened lately.  I try my hardest not to over schedule myself or my kids, but sometimes those things that can't be controlled send our life into total chaos. How do you handle times like these?

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