Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coco Chronicles Part One

Let me preface this post by saying that I've never been much of a pet person.  I don't have anything against animals, I've just never wanted a pet.  I figured I had enough animals/nestlings to take care of, lol.  I told the "nestlings" we'd never get a pet unless it was a fish, which we've had before. You know where this is going don't you? Well, never say never.

There’s a siamese cat that wanders around our neighborhood, eating mice from the fields. Well, on Sunday night the “nestlings” saw her outside and they were watching her from the window when they saw some little kittens huddled in some bushes right by our house.  They were so tiny and we were afraid they would freeze to death outside, so we put them in a cardboard box in our garage for the night while we decided what to do with them--because we weren't keeping them! We left the garage door cracked in case the momma cat came back looking for her babies.  Well, she didn't because they were still there in the morning.  They were so scared of us, they would hiss at us and try to claw us, but they were oh so cute.  Just look at those little faces.  
The "husbird" saw the mom cat in the backyard the next day and since I didn't want to keep them he decided to give them back to her.  Except when he gave them back she left one behind and it was crying and crying.  He thought they'd figure it out, so he left them.
IMG_0089He went back out a while later to check if they were still there and he heard the other kitten crying and so he brought her inside.  He was totally smitten with this little kitty. I've never seen the "husbird" like that before. He became such a softie.  I teased him that he didn't even act like that with our newborns.  The kitten spent the rest of the day curled up on the "husbird's" lap or computer while he worked.  Little "D" spent the rest of the day on top of the island scared to death of her.  

At dinner the "nestlings" wanted to name her. I thought of the name Coco and the kids loved that name and so Coco it was.  You know what that means, I reluctantly agreed we could keep the kitten on a trial basis. But, what happened to the other kitty?  
To be continued...

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