Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beauty of a Family Camp

We are spending six days in the mountains at an all inclusive family camp. It’s the most expensive vacation we’ve ever taken, but seriously the best money we've spent on a vacation. The picture below shows the backdrop of the camp. It's Spectacular!We get to spend time bonding as a family and get to spend time bonding as a couple, without the kids;)
The first day of camp the “nestlings” were divided into groups with kids their same age and they do different activities each day in the morning and the afternoon with their counselors-college age adults.While the “nestlings” have fun with their groups the adults do different activities like paintball, air rifle, archery, a ropes course, racquetball, tennis, listen to guest lectures, water aerobics or just take a nap (which is what I did the second day because I came down with a horrible cold). The "husbird" found that he loves archery.
Here's a picture of the lodge where we're staying. Our rooms are small, but clean and adequate since we spent most of our time doing different activities out of our room.
In the evenings there are family activities that we do all together.
This night was called Aspen Follies. Most of us got all wet competing in this game.
It was a lot of fun getting to know other families as well.
We didn't have to bring anything with us except clothes and toiletries. They have all the equipment for sports (basketball, racquetball, tennis, badminton, ping pong, air hockey, mini golf), games (board games and puzzles), and camp activities.
It makes packing so easy.

Another night was called Frontier Night. There was a little train for the kids to ride on, unlimited snow cones, and all kinds of fun outdoor games to play.
The "nestlings" loved getting their faces painted.

The "husbird" and little "D" had fun shooting air soft guns.
Mister "T" had a good time steering the wagon of wild animals. Ha.
They even made a little cake for "T's" birthday. I love this place.
Baby "G" wasn't too happy that I wouldn't let him climb the railing like the other kids.

I don’t have to cook. I don’t have to clean. I don't have to entertain.
I don’t have to tell my kids, “No, you can’t do that activity or have that food.”
It is all included and gloriously beautiful.

Have you ever gone on an all inclusive vacation?

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