Monday, July 9, 2012

Sand Saver

One of the best things I did last summer was buy a kiddie pool for seven dollars and have the "husbird" put sand in it. It's a sandbox pool. Ha.
The "nestlings" didn't play in it much and there it sat lonely all year long.
You're probably wondering why it was the best thing I did if the "nestlings"didn't even use it. Well it's because my second best idea was this summer when I asked the "husbird" if he would kindly put up an umbrella next to it to shade it from the sun. Now, everyday baby "G" spends at least an hour, sometimes two, playing in it--
as long as one of the other "nestlings" is with him.
They make a mess of the deck and themselves, but believe me it's worth it.
The reason we put it on the deck is because I can see the "nestlings" play from the kitchen window and the baby is trapped, because there is a gate on the deck that he can't open. It's like a giant playpen.
How great is that?! Pure entertainment.

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