Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SpringBreak Part I

We took the "nestlings" to the church history library for a little tour.
The film they showed us was very touching. It made me cry. Then we went to check out the new outdoor mall, City Creek.
It is amazing and beautiful.We wandered through Restoration Hardware. WOW!
("T" the aviator with poison ivy on his face)
I've never been in a Restoration that is like this one.
It was like a gallery, with separate rooms, set up just like a house.
It is absolutely stunning. Made me wish I had a million dollars to spend.
Of course the "nestlings" got wet in the many fountains.By this point I was ready to go take a nap in the bed we saw earlier at Restoration.
But, the "husbird" insisted we make one last stop at the temple grounds to see the beautiful blossoms. Everyone was still smiling, even the one with the red, swollen face, so I consider our day a success!


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