Friday, March 9, 2012

Covered head to toe...

in hives.
This is what my whole body looks like.
The little red bumps really accentuate my fair skin, not a pretty site.
Can you believe I actually went to the gym today looking like this?
I thought it might help my mental state.
Don't worry I wore long pants and a hoodie zipped up to my chin, until I got too hot.
I went to the doctor yesterday hoping they would tell me I'm allergic to real life and prescribe me a week vacation. Ha!
Actually I think I might be allergic to my kids, just kidding.
It's just been one of those weeks where I've been super busy and constantly on the go, but it feels like I've accomplished nothing. Ever have one of those weeks?
I've gone to Walmart three times this week because I forgot something every time I went. I think the hives are going to my head. I'm not thinking straight.
Did you know it's pointless to go to the doctor if you have hives?
They can't do skin tests to see what you are allergic to unless you've been hive free for thirty days. Really. Don't ask me how I'm suppose to get rid of the hives without knowing what I'm allergic to and they are getting worse everyday.
This is the third day. What is one to do?
The upside is my lips look like they've been injected with Botox.
The downside is my lips look they've been injected with Botox and the fact that my face is the same color as my lips.

To make things even more interesting around our nest, the "husbird" came home hopping on one foot from a basketball game last night. He sprained his ankle,
which he has done before, but I've never seen him in that much pain. Ever.
He can't walk, at all, so now I'm a hive covered single parent of seven,
the "husbird" counts as two.

Any advice? Believe me, I need it.

Update: After getting worse I called the doctor and we figured out that I am allergic to an antibiotic I had taken for Mastitis. The hives came on the day I finished taking the antibiotic. It will probably take a week for them to go away:(
I feel better just knowing what is causing them.


  1. This officially makes your blog the best EVER. Totally real. So sorry about this. Hope it keeps getting better!!!

  2. So sorry to hear of your "spots." I hope you're feeling better. I had a similar reaction to yours several years ago. Believe me when I tell you that I looked skin is lighter than yours (I practically glow in the dark!) and the splotches looked....ANGRY! If I remember correctly, I took Benedryl every few hours, and also applied a Benedryl lotion for extra relief. Cool showers, not hot. Don't be too rough when drying off after a shower. I was SO stressed and anxious when my skin reacted like yours. As hard as it is, stay calm and keep telling yourself that this is only temporary. Be well!

    PS--How is your husband's ankle? And CONGRATS on your new little walker!


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