Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"in between"

February is that "in between" month where we're not quite out of winter,
but not quite to spring yet. So far it's been a hard month to digest probably because there is a lot of "in between" in my life right now.
Almost all of us are "in between" having health and not having it.
All my home projects are in the "in between" stage, started, but not finished.
Baby "G" is "in between" crawling and walking and is the main reason home projects are at an almost complete stand still. Someone has to protect him from himself.
Miss "C" is "in between" reading and not reading.
Everyday we read with her and work with her to improve her reading skills.
She wants to be a boss of a candy factory when she grows up.
She has a sweet tooth unlike anything I've ever seen.
She says the funniest things everyday, today she came home and told me that Jacob from school told her she has the "a-word" in her name. WHAT! How does a six year old know the a-word? And to think she was going to invite Jacob over for a play date. Ha. Ha.
Then at dinner we were talking about the baby's four teeth and she piped in and said "he looks like a beaver", so the "husbird" nick named him "Beave", for the time being anyways. Speaking of beavers I saw one in the river behind our house the other day.
Miss "A" is probably the least "in between" anything.
Her love for reading is taking off full force. If I can't find her with her nose in a book,
I can find her with some sort of art supply in her hands.
She started art classes in the fall and loves it!
Tonight she asked me what my dream is and I told her I have lots of dreams and
I asked her what her dream is.
She told me she wants to be an author and an illustrator.
I know if she works hard her dream will come true someday.
Mister "T" is "in between" childhood and being a teenager. A tween for sure.
He says things like, "I need to protect my reputation." I try to only laugh to myself.
He's started to care what people think and how he looks.
I wish he could go back to not caring. He even seems to care how I look.
On Sunday I had a rather noticeable zit and while I was styling his hair (yes I still do his hair) he asked me what I was going to do about it. I told him I was staying home because baby "G" is still sick and he said, "I bet you're relieved." I guess I should never leave my house if I have a one zit, not to mention a few.
I may not be leaving my house ever again. lol.

The "husbird" and I are all caught up watching Parenthood and Downton Abbey,
so we're in between TV shows/seasons. All we can do is wait.

The suppose the key is to enjoy the "in between" and that is exactly what I'm trying to

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