Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Scences

Here are a few pictures of our October fun.We took the "nestlings" to the witch festival at Gardner Village.
Miss"C" went sporting her witch hat and cute smile.I may or may not have bribed the "husbird" to let me take his picture with this
rather large busted witch.
For the the first time we went to a corn maze and it was fun!
There was all kinds of things to do there, besides the maze.
Little "D" was so creeped out by this guy on stilts, until I told him that he was nice, but he still didn't take his eyes off him.Mister "T" and a cute cashier witch, more bribing may have occurred.
The corn was glowing as the sun went down.
Miss "C's" witches, "Mommy Goo and Baby Goo" adorned our front door this year.
The "husbird" and I got invited to a Halloween party.
I went as a cat and the "husbird" was a pirate.
It's been years since I've dressed up for Halloween. I felt a little silly.
Here are the "nestlings" right before leaving to trick or treat.
This year we had a pumpkin, Zorro, a witch, a doctor, and a frog.

Let the chocolate consuming begin!

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  1. I love that you dressed up for Halloween! How do you get your photos so big on blogger? I need to sign up for a blogging class.


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