Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This is my new favorite word. Say it a few times.
It has a nice ring do it, don't you think?
I think I first heard it from a news anchor describing the Duchess of York's daughter's hats that they wore to Kate and Prince Williams wedding.
Now when anything is slightly wacky I say, "That is wackadoodle."
I think the "nestlings" are a little sick of it, oh well.
I googled the definition just to make sure I wasn't crazy and sure enough it said it means---crazy aka loony toony.
Perfect word to describe so many things in the wacky,
crazy life I live with five "nestlings".

Speaking of things said at our nest,
here are a few wacky things the "nestlings" have said lately:
Little "D" was recently crying and so I said, "Those are some sad cries "D"
Little "D" replied, I not crying. I whining."

(I'm glad he knows the difference, because I apparently do not)
When the baby was a few weeks old "T" said to me,
"I want to find a way to bottle the baby's smell.
Can we take him to someone to see if they can do that?"

When baby "G" was a couple of months old Miss "C" said to me,
"Lucky mom. I wish I just had a baby."
(as if she was jealous of me)
At least once a week she tells me she wishes she had a baby.

In the summer she said to me,
"You have lots of beauty marks Mommy, because Daddy loves you so much."
(I don't want to burst her and my bubble and tell her I have them because I'm old)
one more from "C"
"I bet Jesus is happy with me because I shared my candy with "D."
I said, "Indeed, my dear, Jesus is happy with you.

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