Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer of Discovery-Week One

We kicked off our summer on Saturday at the children's Museum to celebrate "C's"sixth birthday as a family.
The "nestlings" had a great time discovering lots of fun things.
Four whole hours they played, never thought they'd last that long.
My bum still hurts from sitting on a hard bench
while I watched them play.On Monday I discovered that I can survive three hours of errands with all five "nestlings" all by myself. Granted most of the errands were for them,
like signing up for the summer reading program at the library.
I also discovered that I have a very capable ten year old who can help.
He watched the young ones (minus the baby) on the school playground while I dug through the ginormous lost and found at the school where I discovered two of the "nestlings" coats that I didn't even know were missing,

felt like I needed a shower when I was done.
On Tuesday "C" discovered she can swim and is gaining more confidence in the water.
I discovered that it's not a good idea to make dinner after swimming, because the "nestlings" are famished when
they get home and they can't wait another hour to eat without multiple melt downs.
I think my crock pot is going to become my best friend this summer.
Anyone have any great crock pot recipes?

I need them.
On Wednesday, much to my detriment I discovered Cracked Sugar Cookies.
They are very addicting, thus the name.
On Thursday I discovered that the nestlings brought home a mountain of papers I had to go through and although I trashed most of it, I discovered a few gems in the mix,
like a book of bad ideas "T" made. It cracked me up, because it has all the dumb, interesting things he's done in the last little while,
like try to bring a garter snake in the house.
He also threw a peanut butter jar into the air, didn't catch it, and it hit him in the nose, split his skin open and it started bleeding.
This book warns against doing those kinds of things.
It's Hilarious!
By Friday I discovered that having five kids home 24/7 is absolutely

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  1. 1 cup salsa, 1 can black beans, 2 big chicken breasts (can be frozen), and 1 cup frozen corn. (Double if you need to). Put in crock pot for 5 hours on low, shred chicken and stir back in. Serve with tortilla chips. Easiest crock pot one I've found that is SO delicious!!!

    Good luck with 5 at home - sounds BUSY. :)


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