Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Back in Shape

I'm so flabby and weak from having a baby and not working out for a month now.
Today I attempted to learn "Evacuate the Dance Floor" on the Xbox.
I kept calling it excavate the dance floor and "T" kept correcting me. Ha. Ha.

What I learned is I can't dance.
I used to kill the "Just Dance" game on the Wii, but it only judges you on your arms.
The Xbox has a sensor that sees your whole body and I found out
coordinating your arms and legs together is a wee bit more complicated.
Then I did a video by Shape, Firm Flat Abs Fast.
I'll never look like those women no matter how much I workout, nor is that my goal, although I wouldn't mind:)
After carrying a baby around for ten months I have zero strength in my core.
It's pathetic what little muscle I have left. I have loads of work to do.
I might be more motivated if I had real ocean waves behind me,
then again I'd probably want to lay on the beach sipping on a pina colada,
while reading a good book.

After I had "D" I got back in shape by going to a Pilates class at the gym.
I could bring the baby with me. The class was designed for moms with young babies, unfortunately they don't offer that class anymore and I can't take the baby to the kids care until he's six months old. Eventually I can leave him with the "husbird",
but he's been extremely busy at work lately, so I haven't yet.

While I worked out "D" and "C" made a royal mess making a fishing barbie
bathtub in the bathroom sink.
Later on I heard miss "C' saying "Where's Kenny's head? Kenny where's your head?" Apparently Ken dolls head went missing.
Kids, you gotta love em'
even though they wreck your house some days.


  1. Oh how I am not looking forward to post baby body! Seems like it gets harder each time...ugh! Good luck!

  2. Do you want to borrow some of my old workout videos? Sometimes it helps to have some you haven't tried before. Be gentle with yourself. You looked immediately GREAT. Seriously. The loss of muscle is just a battle scar from doing something way more important and the muscle does come back.


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