Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg hunt and more...

Get ready for picture overload,
because so many things made me laugh today.
It was absolutely splendid and I don't want to forget the things that made it fabulous

We kicked off the weekend by taking the "nestlings" to an egg hunt.

The three pictures below depict five year old "C's" personality so well,
one minute she's happy the next minute she's sad or mad.

I put hairspray in little "D's" hair to keep it under control.
It made it look like a greasy old man's.
Can you tell he's freezing?
"C" was so thrilled with her loot of candy and eggs until her basket broke.
Poor "D" was trying to keep his pants up all morning, looks like it only sorta worked.
Miss "A" insisted on wearing her bunny ears, so funny in this picture.
This picture makes me laugh because "T' is eating a chocolate doughut and "D" has his mouth full of jellybeans, thus the crooked smile.
When we got home I made freezer jam.
I had bought eight pounds of strawberries because they were 99 cents a pound.
When the "husbird" saw all of them he said,
"Do you think you bought enough strawberries?"

He was happy when he saw what I did with them all.
In the process of making jam something caught my eye outside.
I went out to find some adorable geeslings with their mommy, so sweet.
Then we dyed some eggs.
A few beautiful eggs to end a beautifully fun day.


  1. That's gotta be the scariest easter bunny in history...


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