Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Mom...

As I was drifting off to dream land last night I sat straight up in bed in a panic when I realized I forgot your birthday, completely spaced it.
How could I forget your birthday?
Please forgive me for being so wrapped up in myself and baby that I forgot your birthday. I think you even dropped by on your big day and I called you too,
not once did I wish you a happy birthday.
I'm so lame.

How can a daughter forget her own mother's birthday?
The same mom that gave me life, the one that cleans my disgusting microwave and refrigerator whenever she baby sits for me, the mom that just got done mending a load of clothes for me, the mom that gave me the very best birthday present ever---taking my kids home with you so when I came home from the hospital I could relax and settle in without being overwhelmed by the needs of my other children,
yet I did nothing for you on your birthday.
I feel awful.
Will you forgive me?
Some day I'll make it up to you:)
Love, your absentminded daughter

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness, you must be losing it! I am sure knowing your mother, that what matters most to her is knowing that she did a wonderful job creating you and now seeing you enjoy your own.

    send me her address and I can send her a belated card, I am still in FEBRUARY!!!!......


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