Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Putting it all out there...Maternity Photos

I've debated back and forth whether to post a few of the maternity pictures
I had taken, since they expose my big pregnant belly.
I may freak out and delete this post at any moment, but for now
here I am at thirty six weeks pregnant with my fifth child.

Having these taken definitely took me out of my comfort zone,
but my photographer Sheri at Sweet Pea Photos was so great at making me feel comfortable.

Even though I feel extremely self-conscious I love how the pictures turned out and in twenty years when I'm going through menopause I will treasure them even more than I do now.I was so happy little "D" and the "husbird" got in on a few of the shots.
Sheri even did a great job of editing out my stretch marks, helping my belly look its best
and believe me she had her work cut out for her.
If you're pregnant and even considering having pictures taken, go for it.
You'll be glad you did!


  1. I think these photos are really beautiful. I tried to get my brother to take some of me when I was pregnant with Oliver, but to no avail. You look amazing and will cherish these pictures forever.

  2. You look great! I think I might have to do this before I never have the chance again..hopefully I have enough courage to do it!

  3. You look amazing! Those pictures are so adorable. I would never be brave enough to do that because my stretch marks are horrendous, but you look awesome.

  4. You're so cute Emily! We love them! I think everyone is right--it seems like you will be like that forever, but it really is a blink and you be so glad you have those!

  5. I am always excited when I hear that someone is expecting a new baby...even someone that I don't even know! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL and you look amazing! You should be so proud of those pictures! You have a beautiful family. Best wishes for an easy and speedy delivery!

  6. gosh, i hate it when my comment did not publish! i was just saying that you should be sooo proud because your little waist is amazing, at 40 weeks....gosh, now that is a gift.....i llve how they turned out and specially the one with mr. hugging you! that is precious....good for you, i am glad you took the opportunity to do this!


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