Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Book

I made my first book out of my 2010 blog posts on
I liked that the site allows you to include comments or not , pick what posts you want in the book, and add a message at the beginning of the book.
I disliked the formatting limitations that the software has. The software should be improved to let you pick from different fonts, sizes, and colors;
make your photos larger, and give the option to eliminate blank pages at
beginning and end of book.
Overall I'm happy to have a record for the "nestlings" to look through and have a reminder of things that have past.
In a few years it will be even more of a treasure.
Have you made any blog books?


  1. The only site I had heard of was to do blog books, so I guess you could look into theirs next time to see if they do those things.

    Yours looks lovely though! Beautiful picture on the front.


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