Wednesday, December 1, 2010


1. The two "nestlings" that had flu shots are the only two who have gotten sick this winter, thus far.

2. It would have cost less to pay cash for my ultrasound than to bill it to my insurance and pay what they didn't cover. Now that is messed up.

3. I asked the "husbird" if he was ready for miss "A's" baptism and he said, "There's nothing I have to do." I thought, Oh that's right I'm the one who has to shop for her dress and a little sweater to go over it and of course I won't find those in the same store. Also, I have to plan the menu, shop for the food, and cook/bake for at least six hours to prepare the food for the luncheon after the baptism. Then I have to pick out six people's outfits, make sure they are washed, and iron them.
Gosh, I wish I had nothing to do.


  1. Oh, my, I hope it was wonderful. I wished I could have come. I really really really have REGRETS when things like this happen, and I am not a part of it, or my children! But according to other people, my PRIORITIES ARE SCREWED UP! I really wonder sometimes.....wished we lived closer. I can't wait to see photos....a little something is going to be going in the mail...probably next couple of days!l.v. ana
    ps...I think MEN are just ARGHHHHHHHH sometimes!

  2. This is so my life. It happens daily when my sweet husband can fall asleep during scripture study and I have another hour left of work putting the "house" to bed.

  3. Congratulations on your daughter's baptism.

    I totally feel your pain. My husband took a poll with all the men at church and asked them if they had their Christmas shopping done. What?! My husband has NO idea what is under the tree. My girls have had recitals like crazy. I told him he has no idea about skirts, bows, hair, ribbons in shoes (dance) etc. Ahhhh.....I wish somedays he could carry that load. lol


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