Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slip and Slide Birthday Fun

"T's" birthday celebration lasted almost a month.
First we had a family party, then the "husbird" and I took him to dinner at the restaurant of this choice, and then he had a friend party,
quite the lucky ten year old.
Last month while making this chocolate cake for "T's" friend birthday party
he asked me, Have you ever made up a recipe?"
Me: No, I've changed recipes to make them better, but I've never made up one.
"T": I think you should try, besides if it doesn't turn out dad will eat it,
he'll eat anything.
Me: True. True.

By the way, the cake was a disaster. I don't know what I did wrong.
I followed the instructions exactly.
It didn't raise fully, I am not a cake maker.
Thank goodness for frosting, lots and lots of frosting.
At least it tasted great, all the kids asked for seconds at the party.
I must being doing something right because the night of his party the "husbird" found a thank you letter under his pillow, yes I'm taking the credit, since I'm the one who is constantly reminding him to write thank you notes.
I just never expected to receive one myself.
What a nice surprise!
It said,
Thanks mom for
1. Making a cake
2. Making Pizza
3. Buying water balloons
4.Getting all the spoons, forks, and plates and things out
5.Lighting the candles
6. and for being a great mom
Dad thanks for
1. Setting up the slip and slide
2. Helping make water balloons
3. Taking Pictures
4. Making Invitations
5. Mowing the Lawn
6. and for being a great dad

Melted our hearts.
After an exhausting day, it made all the work worth it.


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  2. hey, I am glad they got to share with T's birthday, they were looking forward to it. GREAT fotos....and in the last one, Boan, is starting to look like a mature sir!--handsome that is....

  3. He really is the sweetest boy. It's good you're having another one because it brings such good people into the world.


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