Thursday, July 15, 2010

South of the Border

Thought I'd wrap up our vacation better late than never.
From California we drove six hours to Mexico.
My in-laws are either super kind or kind of crazy
or both, because they agreed to take all of us in their minivan.
We filled every seat and the trunk was packed to the roof.
I sat in the very back row between my two girls.
Believe it or not it was quite nice being squished in the middle.
I read blogs on my laptop until we lost internet awhile before the border,
then I cut out paper dolls until I couldn't move my thumb.
We shared an apple and an orange.
I read them Cinderella.
It was a lovely time.

The "nestlings" found a crab and had fun torturing it, poor thing.
They eventually let it go.
Little "D" playing in the sand, happy as a clam.
Since the "nestlings" lived in their swimsuit,
my trick was to have two swimsuits per kid, that way one was always dry.
Miss "C" in her ruffly swimsuit.
The "husbird" and his brother built this sand castle with the "nestlings" help.
One of the nights we were there the moon was amazing.
It lit up the beach like it was day time
.Playing in the sand and sea was how we spent 90% of our time in Mexico.
All the "nestlings" have tan lines and lighter hair because of it.
We'll miss the beach until next year....


  1. Your pictures are FANTASTIC! I want a better camera. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. awesome pictures, you should post more. We never get to see anyone's pictures after our get it is nice to get a glimpse...I still don't understand why you guys or at least you...go there for the whole month or two.....I would LIVE in my beach property!

  3. If only I could have gotten more time of work we would have been there with you guys .... oh well, see you in Dec


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