Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calling all Samoa Lovers

Keebler has Cracked the Code!

I decided I'd buy a couple boxes of keebler cookies because they were on sale this week, as I scanned the different kinds I saw one called
"Coconut Dreams."
They looked just like the girl scout cookies called samoas.
I thought I'd get a box, not expecting them to taste as good, but much to my surprise they tasted just like samoas and are at least 1/2 the price.
Oh No!
You can thank or curse me later.


  1. Are you serious? This could be dangerous!

  2. Hey! It's Kristen, Eric's wife from the ward - so fun to find your blog, it's beautiful!

    I LOVE these girl scout cookies, definitely going to have to try these out. Do you know if anyone else in the ward has a blog?


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