Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heavy Heart

Sorry I've been on a blog break lately.
First, I had the "husbird" read a post I had been working on for a while and he said I shouldn't publish it and it kind of took the wind out of my bloggy sails--dumb I know, but what's a girl to do?
Then I read about my friend Carrie's cousin's baby who is in the PICU at Primary Children's Hospital fighting for his life and I feel like anything I want to blog about seems so minuscule.
I've had a cloud over my head with thoughts of this family all week.
I've been praying for them and I'm hoping you will too.
Be back soon.
I hope.


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  2. well, I hope you are doing better. Life is minuscule for the most part. Big events whether good or bad are defining things in our lives. So don't worry about feeling bummed out, sometimes small things are the ones that carry us through (yeah look who is talking! I am on a sabatical myself...but not because of lack of things to write about), sometimes you just wished bad things did not happen.

  3. I know the feeling. I had a very bad experience this week that has made me think I'm ready to stop blogging all together. Why am I doing this? I'm curious to read what B didn't think you should post though . . .

  4. Hi ya! I just came over from TCB's craft party and was looking through your blog - so gorgeous by the way. I came upon this post and know just what you mean. My friends son (who is 2) was just diagnosed with luekemia less than two days ago. I find right now, that everything I think and do feels so trivial in light of this event. Heavy hearted - and like it took the wind out of my sails. You worded it perfectly. I'll be praying for your friends baby. I know it's been a couple weeks - I do hope things have become better since then.


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