Monday, January 4, 2010

Different Philosophies

After school today my son was lamenting to me about how two of his friends got
iPod touches for Christmas.
I couldn't help but think, "If I give my son an iPod touch at age nine for Christmas what do I give him at age sixteen, a Ferrari?

I'm sure some will disagree.

"T" has been saving his allowance, money given to him by his grandparents for his birthday and Christmas, and money for doing extra chores around the house--
all for a coveted iPod touch.

After saving for over six months he still doesn't have enough money,
but I feel that when he does save enough money for his very own iPod touch he will value it so much more for having earned it.


  1. Good point. I love Elder Hale's (I think it is Elder Hale) talk on money--most loving words are, "We can't afford it." You're a great mom.

  2. amen, i think when he gets close to the goal, a little tip towards it would be very nice and give him hope....sometimes with the new toys...the actual saving time could easily triplicate from when we were kids....

  3. Agreed! My son saved for his Nintendo DS and bought it for his 6th birthday...two weeks later I found him holding it under the faucet "cleaning it." He paid for the repair costs, too. But he sure is more careful now! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm happy to be back!

  4. Trust me...I set the bar high when they are young watch out!
    I am ordering that book you suggested in your comment (The Parenting Breakthrough...) Looks really interesting, thanks for the link!

  5. Emily...I agree with you. You are giving your son the best lesson in the world. Earning those "big" items means so much more than having them handed to you. Good for you and for him!

  6. I think that ferrari looks really nice. How about getting me that for Christmas? I'll wait till next Christmas....


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