Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Christmas Wish

You're probably thinking my one Christmas wish has to do with a laundry fairy waving her magic wand, so all the clean laundry is instantly put away.
Although that would be nice that's not it.
This picture is just to show what hasn't been getting done at my house.
The picture below is a hint for what I've been doing instead.
Look closely.
I've been dealing with unhappy, sick "nestlings."
Not Fun.
Christmas this year is going to be different than years past,
because I have accomplished next to nothing lately.
No baking, very little shopping, no
gift wrapping--call me a scrooge.
It's hard to get much done carrying a 30 pound baby around.
Sadly, I just don't feel much of the Christmas spirit,
instead I'm feeling the spirit of runny noses and constant needs.
Two of my four kids are sick and "C" just told me she feels weird.
Not another one.
They're dropping like flies.
Sorry to complain, just keeping it real this holiday season.
It feels more like a sick season to me, not much holiday going on around here.

One silver lining is that my dear mom relieved me of my sickly duties last night so I could go do some shopping and out to dinner
with the "husbird", our employees, and their wives.
It was a lovely evening getting to meet and know their wives, getting to eat and speak with no interruptions, and not having to wipe anyone's nose except my own.
Pure joy!
Here's to snot free, healthy, cry free days.


  1. Oh Emily! I'm so sorry! What can I do to help you? Your family has had more than your share of illness the past few months. It is time for it to END. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better for you. I hope your Christmas turns out much better than you think. I'm glad you got to go out last night. --CARRIE

  2. maybe santa claus will cure them! and that is an expeditious way! Merry at least tonight!


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