Saturday, December 12, 2009

Going Gray

I've had a week lacking in color. It's been sort of

First of all I've had a terrible, miserable cold and if you know how it is to be a mom you know it doesn't matter if you're sick, you have to carry on as if you're not. Laundry still had to be done, dinners still had to be made, and many, many more things.

The skies have been gray which didn't help my mood.

I've had to work on preparing a lesson for church all week instead of getting ready for Christmas. My tree still doesn't have one ornament on it.

Last and worst of all I found a gray hair on my head, okay a few gray hairs. Yikes! I know I should count my blessings because I never knew my dad with any other color of hair. His hair went completely gray in his twenties. I kind of prepared myself for the worst and thought I would go gray young too. I have been celebrating every year I haven't found any gray hair, but no more. I guess it's the thought of getting older that scares me more than the gray hair, after all I am a hairstylist and can color it. I just have to face the fact that I'm no spring chicken anymore. Darn reality!

These things being said, I know there could be worse things in life,but thanks for listening.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry your lesson is stressing you out. I know it will be great. And you will feel so much better when it is over and be able to decorate your tree. All of my siblings are going grey. I am the oldest of them all, yet I thought I would be exempt from this. No luck. You're right, coloring is easy--but I still know how you feel.

  2. Your a darling gal and I am sure that you will do a fine job at covering your greys. By the way, if you hadn't told us, no one would have suspected.


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