Saturday, January 16, 2010


One of the many new nickname for miss "C," although she doesn't like it.
It really should be sassamafras.

She definitely has some sass, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst.
She likes to put her face right against mine and tries to look in my eyes and then
she says,
"You look weird. I look weird (about ten times)."
It cracks me up.

About a month ago I gave her a new haircut that suits her personality.
Her preschool teacher put it best when she said,
"C" can be funny, yet serious...the comments she says...she's kind of quirky...but she has my heart."
She tests my patience daily yet she has mine too.


  1. Love the haircut--what a darling girl.

  2. Quirky kids are definitely the best kind!

  3. I think short cute styled hair is adorable on little should have them both with cute cute bobs... like an a line for A she would look adorable...a longer version, since their hair is soo strait.....cute cute for C....


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