Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Things are changing for this nine year old boy of mine. First off, he got contacts and loves them.
I really thought I would have to help him put them in and take them out daily, but I haven't had to help him once. He can do it all on his own. I am so proud of him.

There is something about 4th grade because all of a sudden he has started taking responsibility for doing his homework without me nagging him. It's like something clicked all of a sudden. Now he is telling me how busy he is when he gets home and how much he has to do. Where had this child been hiding? It really takes a load off me. Hallelujah!

All summer he has been watching old Star Trek episodes with his dad. Nerdy I know. While leaving piano lessons recently, in a very serious tone he said to his teacher (and 80+ year old lady), "Live Long and Prosper." She snickered. I laughed.

His teacher at school is a total trekkie. She has met Captain Kirk (William Shatner) in person. "T" loves that she loves Star Trek and I'm just glad they found something in common.

He is getting more hugs from me lately. I had gotten out of the habit of giving him affection everyday, other than a kiss at bedtime. It's easy to forget to give affection to the kids that don't demand it, at least for me. I am making an extra effort to give him hugs randomly each day. When I give him a hug I don't let go until he does. I'm usually surprised at how long he hangs on. It has brought us closer.

My little boy is growing up and I hope he lives long and prospers!


  1. Yahoo that you are on blogger! Nothing against your old location, but this one loads SO MUCH FASTER! I am excited and hope it means we'll hear from you more often. T is getting so handsome and old! I kiss Chris every single day and give him HUGE hugs when he walks in the door from Middle School (only in the privacy of our home though, since that could be really damaging to his image and all!)

  2. I'm glad you are on blogger too--but more glad that you are still blogging. I know what you are saying about growing up. You think they are going to stay the same--and they don't. It's the biggest shock for me with lauren probably because she's the oldest. I think she sort of prepares me for everyone else's big changes and I go with it a little bit better with the others. Sweet T--I'm glad he is so happy and doing so well.


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